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CSC Breakdown Vocabulary

Poetry Break: Vocabulary The C.S. Café

In this discussion , we’re going to discuss the podcast episode “Poetry Break: The Vocabulary”. You might be wondering why we need to discuss words. This isn’t a spelling bee and I’m not in school. Your vocabulary that you use towards yourself and that you project upon others has infinite power.

Going into vocabulary, we use the negative film as a metaphor for the negative vocabulary terms we use in our lives. How many of us have been called derogatory words by a spouse, family member, friend, employer, coworker, or stranger? How did you react? Most people keep on moving but internally we’re internalizing those words depending on who they came from. Sometimes we don’t even know that we’re internalizing them until we catch ourselves using them towards our own self or projecting them on others.

Are we really who people call us or are we what we answer to? We have a wide range of vocabulary spanning over decades of years and yet we hold onto the negatives like Lionel’s security blanket. We teach ourselves that if we turn it around for self empowerment then we’re doing something positive in this world but are we really? Are we just holding on to our security blanket that’s stamped with a plethora of negative terminology just to soothe the stinging dagger lunged into us?

Truth is, we do not need to internalize those negative, derogatory vocabulary words nor do we need to turn them into something positive. If you teach a snake to be domesticated is it still a snake? Those words are like a Burmese python that you’ve tried to domesticate until eventually it starts to wrap around and attack you and later constricting the life out of you. The ideology that we can make negative good is absurd. It shall never be. You cannot take a negative ion and make it positive without mixing it with something but itself alone will still be negative. You cannot turn salt into sugar no matter how hard you try. You cannot turn shit into sugar. Life doesn’t work like that. Your body defecates for a reason to get the toxins and poisons out of you. A person who has built up toxins will obstruct the colon and will kill you. It is the same method to words.

A mind with toxic vocabulary will overflood the circuit and kill you.

We have to renew our mind daily by the changing of our thoughts. Words of positive affirmations is key to a healthy life. How do you expect to grow if you keep cursing your mindset? If you continue to coddle your vocabulary instead of expanding them positively you will find yourself an elder person left behind with a security blanket. Who wants to be that person left behind because they’re too negative? Not I!

It can be a challenge to break away from the negative terminology your parents, family, spouse and a host of others have called you. Are those words on your birth certificate? No! They sure as hell won’t be on your death certificate!

We need to understand that in order to expand our self worth we have to change our vocabulary!

Your self worth starts with the person in the mirror? How do you view yourself? It doesn’t matter how others view you. Their views will not be on any certified documents attached to your name. When they’re dead and gone the only thing that will matter is what you call yourself. What do you call yourself?

In conclusion, Let’s practice positive words of affirmation. In the comments let’s keep it rolling.

Complete the sentence. I am…

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  1. danielle pitter Avatar
    danielle pitter

    Wow, what a powerful message! I’ve always had a struggle with self-acceptance and being patient with myself, because I always thought I needed to get from point A to B perfectly. I’m such a perfectionst that I end up destructing myself in the process! And then it takes even longer for me to recover. Now, I enjoy having times to myself to reflect on my goals for my wellbeing, not just career/family/friendships.

    Oh and to answer your question: I am brave, dreamy, powerful, smart, strong, anxious, excited, happy, sad, confused, every human emotion! lol

    1. Love that answer. It’s hard to accept things within yourself. I believe everyone has that struggle.

  2. Sometimes I think people in general do not realize how much meaning their words have on others. They do not chose they properly or use them well in speech on a daily basis.

    1. I agree. They do not and sometimes they just don’t know that they’re projecting on others.

  3. My favorite thought here is we have to renew our mind daily. YES. I’m a true believer that daily transformation and daily practices are key to personal and spiritual growth. Peace to you, Crystal. 🙂

  4. What we say and how we say it really has a great impact!

  5. Powerful and with so much “truth.” Love the analogy about the words on our birth and death certificates. Positive and empowering self talk is key. Love this!!

  6. Wow these words are amazing and so powerful! thank you so much for sharing these. being positive is important

  7. I am capable! Wow, this blog was absolutely amazing and it really helped me focus on eradicating the negativity and refocusing on positive words and affirmations.

  8. This is a great message! Words do have a lot of power to them

  9. “I am accepting of good in my life”. I love this… it is so true that words are impactful and can last a lifetime whether good or bad. I’m learning to use words in a compassionate and thoughtful way. It’s definitely a learning curve, as all my life, it’s been about self deprecation for humor’s sake. A great lesson for our kiddos!

  10. Words are a powerful! And we have to be careful on what we say and what we take in. I like this part “You cannot turn salt into sugar no matter how hard you try. You cannot turn shit into sugar. Life doesn’t work like that.”

    I am passionate and hopelessly romantic.

  11. …doing the best I can. Thank you for these wise words.

  12. I enjoyed this post and I agree with you about the importance of being mindful of the words we tell ourselves. I try to repeat a mantra each morning to set the tone for my day and mindset.

  13. This was such a powerful message! I really think that I have to take how vocabulary impacts my own true message.

  14. we, at least,I do get stuck on certain vocabulary words and of course some are better than others – all around. I do think mindset and word choice do go hand in hand – choose those words carefully for internal and external happiness!

  15. Great words of wisdom! Mental and emotional health is always important!

  16. This post gave me pause to think, for sure. Thanks for the positive ideas!

  17. Glad to have read this post! Such enlightenment and good way to start my day!

  18. I’ve struggled for years with worrying what others think about me. It’s something I’ve been working on — but it’s hard considering my current job.

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