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The Breakdown: Family is Broken

A broken family

The word family is broken.

Poetry Break: Family is Broken The C.S. Café

Today we’re discussing the piece Family Is Broken.

Is the word family actually broken? Often times we as people have seen different definitions of what family actually is. We go through life in a distorted way of thinking because of what we have seen in our own homes. Family has a different layout than it did before.

We tend to keep many secrets as it pertains to the hurt within families. That not only multiplies the hurt generationally but it doesn’t shine light on the root of the issues at hand. Think if we could have shone the light on those members in our families who were child molesters after the first incidence we could have probably saved the second, third, or fourth victim.

In reality, the brokenness of the family is rooted in the unspoken. We often times teach our reflection that our parents taught us how to be. If we looked closely we would realize that we never learned from speech alone. We were taught by body language how to react to trauma, stress, heartbreak, grief. We take on all of that unsaid lessons and we subconsciously apply them to our lives. That’s why we’re repeating our parents mistake.

Don’t get me wrong here. Repetition is not always consciously done. We have been fed off what we trained ourselves. Sometimes our parents couldn’t teach us anything because they didn’t know themselves.

“How can you teach me something you never learned to do?

The answer is they can never teach you truly how to be a man or woman if they weren’t taught in any part of their walk of life how to be one. We are all on a journey and we are being taught daily. You see boys become parents before men. You see girls become mothers before even knowing themselves.

Temporarily, the word family is broken. We have much work to do. Trust me I’m including myself too. In order to have a healthy family we must be the health we so desire.

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