Christina “Tina” Rhodes just took a hiatus from her psych practice to pursue her dreams of spoken word poetry and owning the C. S. Café. She has always been there for everyone else but can she be there for herself? When every part of her life starts to pick up in the fast lane, will she come up for air or drown in her own fears?

In a small town just north of Jefferson County, Alabama resides a strong black family whose world will be turned upside down as the familial secrets of the bloodline resurface. The patriarch Papa Joe, gatekeeper to where the bloodline all began lies within him. He’s been battling with the scars of his past for centuries. The only way out of this family’s gut-wrenching secrets is through them?

Jennifer Brown is one of the top agents at F.A.A. (Federal Assassin Agency). She is quick on her feet and has a kill shot range of 3 miles. She possesses much more inside. Agent Brown uncovers classified information that could shake her very existence. What she now knows could be life or death. Will she be able to find out the truth before the agency? Will she live to see the truth revealed or die in her own demise?

Dana is the biochemist who is on the brink of groundbreaking medicine that could cure psychological diseases. That’s beside the point today because she is getting married to the love of her life, Brian. Dana’s has a secret that she’s been hiding for a while. Unaware to her, Brian has a secret too that could destroy Dana’s life. When Gata comes to visit all hell breaks loose. Dana finds herself trapped in his house. Will her groundbreaking medicine that is an answer to curing Gata be ready in time or will she die trying to save the threat to her life?

© 2022 Crystal Santoría.

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